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₹2000 / per person

Based in Sural tai, Dhutwani homestay offers mesmerizing views of snow-cladded mountains on either sides. Delicious food and comfortable stay along with chance to have cultural chats with the hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Dhutwani, is at offer in the homestay.

₹1500 / per person

Passar homestay is hosted by Mr. Chain Singh in Tai Sural village. Good room service and comfortable stay with mesmerizing views of valley and mountains can be experienced from the place.

₹1500 / per person

With picturesque view of snow-cladded mountains on offer from the village, Pangi homestay in Sural Bhatori, is hosted by Mr. Amar dei. Newly built monastery (gumpha) is on walking distance from the homestay.

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