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Hudan Cluster

Hudan has a potential to develop as the Mythological Cluster for tourists that are vividly interested in knowing the folklores and beliefs of the land. Offering short treks to enthralling places, Hudan is among the most beautiful of places to visit.

Among the five sub-valleys of Pangi, Hudan can provide you a first-hand exposure to local culture and beliefs. With warm and generous people of Hudan one can explore the sites with stories related to Mythological Shiva peak. At a height of 3200 mts, Hudan bhatori has a newly built Gompha (Monastery). Daikhan fair is among the fascination in the village that is celebrated in the month of Shravan (July). In the near perimeter of Hudan, Bhimtal lake is one of the point of tourist attraction. One can reach Bhimatal within half an hour walk from Bhatori. On the other side of Lake, one can see the snow cladded mountains on top and meadows and adhwaris (Sheepcotes) of people from Bhatori underneath.
Sword Temple (Tundru): On the way to Hudan bhatori, a sword temple can also be seen in Tundru, where a monk/sadhu levitated to an inaccessible spot and quarried swords in rock to display/prove his powers to people.
Shinkal Dhar (Shivling): Shinkal Dhar is located at an estimated height of 4500 mts above sea level and offers a mesmerizing view of Shiva peak. Due to conglomeration of air from different sides, one might at times feel the musical composition like sound at the dhar. In the local folklores this sound is believed to be coming from Damru (Shiva’s instrument) being played at Shiva peak that is audible only at Shinkal dhar. One can reach Shinkal dhar after a walk of 7 kms (4 hours) from Hudan Bhatori. On the way to Shinkal dhar, one can find adhwaris inside natural caves like structure formed by rocks. A stone that have a Snake (naag) engraved is another point of attraction. A shivling like structure has naturally carved out on stone at distance of 2 kms before Shinkal dhar. A temple is built below that stone.

What to expect

Hudan sub-valley offers an insight into the ‘Cultural Amalgamation’ of Hinduism and Buddhism. Daikhan Fair, mutual beliefs towards Shiva peak (Bahai Jar) and Sword temple exhibits how both the cultures mashup well with each other as well as generate mutual respect.

How to Reach ?

Hudan Bhatori is located at a distance of 15 kms from the administrative centre of Killar. You can find Kawas, Kiryas, Tundru villages enroute Hudan from Killar. The road upto 3 kms, till Killar helipad, is blackened and smooth. Further distance is covered on a dirt road.

Near Attraction

Hudan provides the most striking view of Shiva Peak (Bahai Jar), a peak located at an elevation of 6142 m from Shinkhal Dhar. On the way towards Shinkhal Dhar; Bhimtal Lake, Caved Sheepcotes and Shivling are attractive spots to visit.
Between Killar and Hudan Bhatori, Sword temple of Tundru can also be visited.
Hudan offers treks connecting to other sub-valleys such as Sural Bhatori through Tingloti Pass and Kumar Parmar through Kiryuni Pass.

Best time to visit: April – November

Homestay/Guide availability

People have now started engaging in tourism as a mean of livelihood. Numerous homestays and Campsites are now open in the valley for tourists at affordable prices.

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