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Chasak Bhatori Cluster

The highest Bhatori in the Pangi valley, being at Chasak Bhatori itself is an indelible experience for travellers that gets printed in hearts forever

Chasak: The last roadable village on the route offers a trek path towards Chasak Bhatori and Sidhani Dhar. One has to trek a distance of 6 kms from Chasak to reach Chasak Bhatori, and the trek towards Sidhani dhar measures around 10 kms in a different valley.
Chasak Bhatori: At the confluence of Tangyani nala and Pipayi nala (local names), chasak bhatori offers a view of Singhmarh Dhar glacier right in front. Gompha on the one side of village and temple on the other side, Chasak bhatori is dwelled by Hindus and Buddhists both. Deep in the Sechu Tuan forest one can find some rare Himalayan birds in the village itself.
Near the confluence, a mud Stupa is also a point of attraction. On the other side of confluence, one can reach the meadows and camp there for a night. Trek of Gurdhar pass (4800 mts.) leads to Miyar valley from Chasak Bhatori.
Murch: On the trek to chasak bhatori, one can find rare east facing village in the all the sub-valleys. A perfect place for Sunrise lovers. At the foothills of a peak, Murch is surrounded by forest on one hand and have a meadow on the other offering a view of slow cladded mountains towards North.

What to expect

Watching rare birds and stay at the village after a trek of 6 km are the most exciting things to expect in the region.
People with inclination towards hiking will find it enticing to trek the Gurdhar pass that leads towards Miyar valley.

How to Reach ?

Chasak is last village till where one can reach on transports. Afterwards, the journey is on foot only. To reach Chasak, a dirt road of 5 kms from Saichu (Sechu) is available offering a dense forest on other side of stream. If fortunate, wild animals can be seen from vehicles itself. Hadun is the only village near Saichu, that’s on the way towards Chasak after Saichu.

Near Attraction

Exploratory and courageous treks towards Miyar valley, Gurdhar pass, Sidhani dhar and Tuwan (Tuan) are the most attractive experiences one can have here.
Rare birds and Himalayan animals are other point of attraction as the valley is within the periphery of sanctuary.

Homestay/Guide availability

People have now started engaging in tourism as a mean of livelihood. Numerous homestays and Campsites are now open in the valley for tourists at affordable prices.

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