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Pangi Tourism

At Pangi tourism, we are an initiative of local people organised to promote the tourism in so far unexplored region of Pangi valley. A collaboration of two strategic partners, CEVA, a local organisation that works to promote livelihood among the indigenous community and GroundUp Conservaion, a consulting firm that supports grassroots organisations scale up their successes with combination of strategy, capacity and action to create impacts.

Important is to bring up the guidelines which does promote tourism in such ecologically important region of world but not without sensitizing guests towards cultural preservation, community pride and major environmental issues. It is important to develop framework based upon fair distribution, equity and justice that ensures more proactive, inclusive and ethic of care oriented tourism governance. Sustainable tourism (ST) development has long been promoted and practiced as an alternative model of tourism development that seeks balanced development while minimizing social, cultural and environmental impacts of tourism. Various forms of alternative tourism including ecotourism, rural tourism, community-based tourism, agro-tourism, volunteer tourism, and responsible tourism have remained in practice since 1980s as an adaptancy approach to sustainable tourism development.

In last three years, we have mapped the region well in order to establish tourism possibilities. Also, we have mobilized the community towards the fruits of benefit that can be ripped out of tourism industry and informed them towards the possible outcomes that can be driven out of it. Also, the evidences of negative impacts that tourism generally brings alongside have been well displayed to the people. Now, we believe is the right time for us to launch our initiative through a platform that creates an opportunity for locals to have a source of income through tourism and for tourists to have an exposure to the limitless adventure, wildlife and cultural possibilities that this landscape provides.

Collective Efforts for Voluntary Actions (CEVA)

Collective Efforts for Voluntary Action (CEVA) is a Non-Profit Organization working in the Western Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. Since its establishment, CEVA is making a difference in the lives and welfare of deprived tribal people in the area. CEVA has been working for the upliftment of indigenous communities by creating sustainable livelihoods opportunities, women empowerment, providing health care, and strengthen marginal farmers through appropriate interventions. CEVA takes pride in working with more than 6 thousand individuals from Chamba district through the 75 SHGs, 5 FPOs. This network gives CEVA confidence to implement innovative interventions for those in need. CEVA is aiming at holistic development of region by channelizing the resources and bringing last mile connectivity for government and non-government schemes. Not limiting ourselves to one single precinct, and taking multi-sectorial approach CEVA currently is engaged on thematic areas of Health, Agriculture, Tribal Tourism, Women Empowerment, Strengthening Marginal Farmers, Sustainable Livelihood generation, and Environmental/Biodiversity Conservation. With the team of over 30 people, and a growing volunteer base CEVA is dedicated to its motto of holistic growth of community in sustainable manner.

GroundUp Conservation

GroundUp Conservation is a consulting firm that support grassroots organization to scale up their success with diagnosis, visioning, upskill and action on the ground. Since its establishment in the year 2019, GroundUp Conservation has been working with grassroots in the country of India and Nepal and expanding its operations to other south Asian countries. The major thematic areas where GroundUp Conservation make a contribution are Agriculture Development for small scale farmers, biodiversity conservation and tourism development. These three pillars of thematic work are integrated so that each feeds into development. With the same principles, GroundUp Conservation is currently engaged with GeoKrishi, Nepal and KTK-BELT, USA where the innovative agriculture practices are being supplemented with nature friendly farming methods to create net positive impact on nature.

GroundUp Conservation is involved in tourism development program at Pangi, Himachal Pradesh in collaboration with CEVA to conceptualise the program, build capacities, and support implementation. GroundUp Conservation team members brings collectively over 30 years of experience working in the Hind-Kush Himalayas ranging from climate change adaptations, biodiversity conservation, regional cooperation, knowledge management and communication, fundraising and managing development programs. .

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