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Aakash Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Aakash homestay is hosted by Mrs. Shakuntala Devi and Dr. _____. Located on banks of Chandrabhaga in Chhow, a mesmerizing location and a beautiful house have three rooms on offer for guests.

Abhi Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Hosted by Mr. Sham kumar, at Sach village Abhi Homestay offers view of Chendi pass from the courtyard.

Along The River

₹1500 / per person
A homestay situated nearby the Chandrabhaga river manage by Mr. Amar Chand. Along the river homestay is in the Phindroo village on Killar – Tindi highway, the homestay has one room which gives window view of Chandrabhaga river. Someone can easily walk nearby the river basin. With basic amenities at homestay, you would like to taste the local cuisine of Pangi valley.


₹1500 / per person
First ever registered homestay of pangi valley on Killar-Tandi road, Backpacker's homestay was an eternal dream of host Mr. Jagat Ram and his sons Happy and Ritik. Open for business since 2020, Backpackers Homestay is a comfortable place roadside with available parking space.

Dhutwani Cottage Homestay

₹2000 / per person
Based in Sural tai, Dhutwani homestay offers mesmerizing views of snow-cladded mountains on either sides. Delicious food and comfortable stay along with chance to have cultural chats with the hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Dhutwani, is at offer in the homestay.

Hill Valley Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Hosted by Mr. Sumanjeet singh, based in Hillu tuwan, Hill valley homestay is a perfect place to stay for wildlife lovers. In near vicinity of core zone of Sechu tuwan, guests can explore various trek that are on offer from the place.

Himalayan Explorer

₹1500 / per person
Hosted by Mrs. Sunita Kumari and Mr. Madho Prasad, Himalayan explorer homestay is located in Sahali, right beside the 1000-year-old inscription. Offers a view of dense hazelnut forest on other side of river. Sunita ji is a perfect hostess to talk and know more about Pangi valley, livelihoods and culture.

Himalayan Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Located in Ajog, Himalayan homestay is hosted by Devi singh ji. During their stay in Himalayan homestay, alongside trekking, village walk one can also visit the apple orchard cultivated by the host.

Kailash Pati Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Located at Kumar, Kailash pati homestay offers scenic view. Host Mr. Thakur dass is a retired Headmaster, a great storyteller. Talking to host about Pangi valley can be an exciting experience for the guests.

Khushbu Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Homestay build in contemporary style (kotha) using stone, wood and mud. Khushbu homestay, hosted by Mr. Jeevan Singh is located in Chasak. A beautiful place offering mesmerizing views of valley along with an immersive experience of local culture with hospitality offered by hosts.

Nilay Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Prem Singh ji, host of Nilay homestay, is a craft lover and runs a weaver’s society in his village Kumar. Nilay homestay is a traditionally built contemporary style (kotha) house with mud, stood and wood. An immersive experience to talk and know more about local products and culture with the host is on offer for the guests.

Pangi Homestay

₹1500 / per person
With picturesque view of snow-cladded mountains on offer from the village, Pangi homestay in Sural Bhatori, is hosted by Mr. Amar dei. Newly built monastery (gumpha) is on walking distance from the homestay.

Passar Homestay

₹1500 / per person
Passar homestay is hosted by Mr. Chain Singh in Tai Sural village. Good room service and comfortable stay with mesmerizing views of valley and mountains can be experienced from the place.

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